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Final assembler 总装装配工

Location: Chongqing Shi, China
Job ID: R0041526
Date Posted: Jan 29, 2024
Segment: Green Energy & Mobility
Business Unit: Hitachi Energy
Profession (Job Category): Production & Skilled Trades
Job Type (Experience Level): Entry Level
Job Schedule: Full time
Remote: No

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总装装配工/Final Assembler

主要职责 / Main Accountabilities

  • 学习、掌握总装装配工段的操作技能,并能够熟练独立作业和带队作业:器身下箱前的装配、器身进炉、器身压紧、器身下箱、总装及其它附件的装配;

To study & master the skill of all processes of Final assembly, enable to work alone and work as a leader. The process is cover and not limited to pre-assembly, into VP, tighten active part, tanking and access assembly.

  • 按照设计图纸、工艺文件和作业指导书的要求进行作业;

Operate according to the requirements of design drawings, process documents and operation instructions;

  • 做好生产过程中的相关记录,确保生产过程中的5S处于良好状态;

Keep records during production process and keep the 5S in good condition during production process;

  • 及时汇报生产过程中安全、质量、进度等的异常状况;

Report the abonormal situation of safety, quality and schedule in time during the production process;

  • 执行安全操作规程、环境和职业健康安全管理各项规定;

Implement safety operation procedures, environmental and occupational health management regulations;

  • 管理工段内的设备、工装、工具并正确使用,以及必要的维护保养;

Manage the equipment, fixture, tools in the section and use them correctly. Do necessary maintenance;

  • 遵守公司作息时间及相关规定;

Comply with the company’s work schedule and relation regulations.

专业及其他要求 / Majors and other requirements

  • 技校及以上学历,具有简单的机械识图能力

Technical school degree or above, with simple mechanical drawing reading ability

  • 需进行高处作业,无相关职业禁忌

Need to work at hight, no relevant occupational taboo

  • 适应早、中、夜班的轮换以及急转班的情况

Adapt to morning, middle and night shifts as well as abrupt shift change

  • 身体健康,能吃苦耐劳,勤奋好学

Healthy, hard-working, studious

  • 诚实可靠,工作态度端正,良好的团队合作意识,良好的沟通能力

Honest and reliable, good working attitude, good team spirit, good communication skills

  • 工作认真严谨,具有较强的工作质量意识,较强的责任心及主动性

Serious and rigorous work, strong sense of work quality, strong sense of responsibility and initiative

  • 服从公司管理人员对工作的调整和安排

Obey the work adjustment and arrangement of the company management

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